måndag 15 februari 2016


 I really do understand why stairs are so expensive.
As an amateur (even though I have had an excelent adviser) there is new issues coming up all the time.

Suddenly I realise, the upper part doesn't have a clean cut and the beam which the stair leans on is very narrow. The two lower pieces is only covering up the hole behind.
Now my brain goes maniac, the stair will be moving slightly up and down when we walk in it and what will happen if it break at this narow part?
I will make a  support between the stringers. A large rectangel of leftovers from the stringers, same hight as my beam and coverup together and same width as between the stingers, glue the shortends to the stringers (and probobly a large screw in the thicker lower part) and glue and screw it to the beam.

All this work probobly just because I have so little faith in my own work.

In the corner there is two supports to prevent jiggling. They are supposed to be attached to the wall but it´s an old brickwall and not a good idea. I will just make a mark on the wall and if the stair start to dip down I have to use plan B and ad a leg.

Here is another issue wich makes my brain go banans.
The first and second step is wider to make an illusion of a lager stair and my plan is to skip the right hand rail wich would prevent heavy steps at the outer side. Whoops, how long will it take before a tapped and glued step get loose? I will make a small leg for support at the first step.

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