lördag 9 januari 2016

The stair projekt is still alive.

After a long summer project with preparaten for our solarpanels wich included a new roof and repairing the over 100 years old beams at our stable we have finally moved the stair project indoor. 
The first part is in place and now I have to fit in the stair and paint while Stefan tries to isolate and build walls upstairs. 
After we extended the hole in the floor/celing to the full length we relised 78cm is to narrow.
So a qick rush to the carpenter store for a new beam and then the saw in the floor. 15 cm later we are in the buissines again.
Now its a little bit like in Astrid Lindgrens Ronja Rövardotter, we lives in Mattisborgen. Dirty, cold and draughty with a devilscrack in the middle.

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